Best Grandson EVER! This Young Man Just Paid Off His Grandparent’s Mortgage!


This guy easily just earned the title of best grandson to his loving grandparents Cecil and Marilyn Roberts

As a child, Stefun Darts promised his grandparents that when he grew up he would make sure to take care of them: “I promised God in the second grade I would pay off you guys house and help you retire. A promise I would never break,” said Stefun.

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And he did it. He actually saved up $15,000 to help them pay off their mortgage! And to sweeten the deal, the 24-year old also booked a trip to the Bahamas for them.

He stated that he could never repay his grandparents for their love, support, and care, so he did this to make them proud and to show that family is always important.

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But how did a young college student manage save that much? Well, sacrifices had to be made. He ate microwave pizza and chose not to go out partying with his friends so he could save the money he needed for his amazing surprise.

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This just proves that there are still amazing people out there who truly care for their families and are willing to sacrifice their needs for needs of others.

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