Do Bananas Make You Fat? shocking secrets

​This amazing fruit is avaliable throughout the whole year thanks to its mass production. Besides citrus fruits, bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world. But they are not only delicious, they are extremely healthy.
Amount of nutritional and beneficial components are so high, that bananas can even compensate a small meal. These components help maintain our health and keep our body nourished. I will list only some of them and explain their benefits.
Potassium is one of the largest beneficial components in bananas. This macro mineral will help you keep your heart healthy. Cardiovascular diseases are often related to lack of potassium, so a daily dose is definitely recommended. Potassium plays a big role in kidneys protection. People with kidney stones need to consume potassium in order to break them and release them out of their body.
Bananas are also rich in fiber. This part is important for everybody who is trying to lose a few pounds. So, if you wondered are bananas are good for weight loss, they are. They will keep you full longer and you won’t be reaching for snacks so often. Resistant starch inside bananas is harder to process by our digestive system, so our body needs to use more fat to produce energy.
Due to high energy content, bananas are used by athletes. They recover electrolytes lost in training, so they can almost replace a small meal with their nutritive value. Like any other fruit, banana has a certain amount of fructose so they are great for regulating blood sugar.
These are only some of the biggest components inside bananas since they have a lot more. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components.
Bananas and weight loss-cons
Now that we know basic nutritional information for bananas, we can discuss their participation in weight loss diet. So, are bananas good for weight loss? Regular size banana has about 100 calories, which is not a lot. Compared to other snacks you consume daily they seem like a great option.
But, on other hand they are high in fruit sugars which can get transformed in our bodies into fat. You are now probably wondering are bananas fattening and do bananas cause belly fat? The answers to these questions depend on the amount of bananas you consume. Ripeness of them is also an important fact.
The riper the banana is, the more sugar and less starch it will contain. This is when all of that sugar gets transformed into fat.
Every food, no matter how healthy and low caloric it is, can make you fat. Key is moderation. For example, fruit is extremely healthy especially compared to processed foods and sweets. But, when you consume to much throughout the day the sugar inside them will get transformed into fat. So, if you ever wondered can you eat too many bananas, it is actually possible.
This is why eating 2 bananas a day will be enough. You can eat them as snacks between meals or workouts. Since they contain a lot of energy you will feel full for some time. When you are trying to lose weight too much of anything can be troubling.
Another important thing to know is that bananas contain around 100 calories but most of them come from carbs. This means that people who are on low carb diets can’t take bananas easily. Protein and fat content in bananas is low, so you won’t be building any muscles by eating bananas.
The condition of banana (ripe more or less) is another important thing to remember. The greener the banana is the more carbs it will contain. Ripeness is also important regarding the subject of constipation. Many people complain about constipation after eating bananas. Answer to the question do bananas make you feel constipated, is they can make you feel this way.
To avoid this unpleasant side effect, try eating bananas that are more ripe. They contain higher levels of sugar and only a small amount of starch. This might not be good for your diet, but your digestion won’t have any trouble processing these bananas.
These are all of the cons regarding bananas in our diet. But, don’t think bananas are one big carb threat. There are a lot of pros too, which I will list in the next page.

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