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Using TurnupNG

“TurnupNG is FREE and comes with no charges fee if your event is free and you will not be charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. If you’re charging for ticket sales, our fee is 10% per ticket sold. We designed TurnupNG to fit the specific needs of our organizers. Every feature on TurnupNG is accessible to all event organizers”

TIP: All transactions are recorded in Nigerian Naira.

Note: All payments made by attendees are paid to Turnupng of which would be transferred to you 30 days to your event upon verification.

We only charge fees when you make a sale. There are 3 types of fees you’ll want to know about: 

1. Turnupng Service Fee —

– 10% per paid ticket (no maximum fee) 

2. Turnupng Event Processing Service fee — Fee already included in Turnupng Service Fee. No need to worry.

3. Turnupng Online transaction Processing fee — Fee already included in Turnupng Service Fee. No need to worry.

TIP: Turnupng Event Processing Service is the default way to accept payments when you set up a paid event. It’s the cheapest and best method for organizers and attendees.

PRO TIP: Fees are charged for tickets sold through our Turnupng Organizer platform. You can pass at-the-door ticket fees on to your attendees — Learn more.

NOTE: Using Turnupng and receive  payments with Turnupng Event Processing Service? We charge the payment processing fee on the total amount of the transaction. We charge your Turnupng Service Fee on the ticket price you set.



Using TurnupNG

  • Fee per free ticket---NO(free)
  • Fee per Paid ticket---10% on ticket sale
  • Ability to pass online ticket fees to attendees---Contact Us
  • Ability to email attendees
  • Ticket types (e.g. "VIP, Regular etc.")
  • Customer Support
  • Payouts before your event
  • Listing on TurnupNG and partner sites
  • My event Dash Board
  • Branded image on PDF tickets
  • Email invitations
  • Ticket sales on Facebook
  • Secure payment processing
  • Unlimited events
  • Discount and access codes
  • Custom URL
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