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So what is the big deal about selling tickets online as opposed to the traditional ways? Here are the top
8 reasons why online ticketing delivers event organizers major advantages over traditional ticketing
Disclaimer: We’d better first make the obvious point, in working for an online ticketing company our
opinion is clearly biased. At the same time though, working inside an online ticketing company gives us
unique insights to the benefits our clients receive and rave about. So here are some of things they tell

With Online Ticketing you will…

1. Save Time:
You are going to seriously be busy running all aspects of your event. Outsourcing your ticket sales to
your online ticketing platform is going to save you (and your committee) many hours work. Opening
sales counters all hours of the day at specified locations (which probably isn’t convenient for your
customers anyway) takes up a lot of time….time you could use focusing on other aspects of your event.

2. Save Money:
Here is what you won’t spend if you migrate to online ticketing platform: Stocks of printed tickets that
probably all won’t be sold, (less) staffing required at the venue to process venue sales,
misplaced/lost/stolen cash from the ticket booths on the door – to name a few.
Moreover, a standard practice for organisers is to now charge more for people buying at the venue. So
ironically, by enabling your new online ticketing channel (eg. at your usual price points) you may now
also be able to lift ticket revenues and your average ticket yield by executing a new higher price point for
those buying at the door.

3. Gain a better first impression:
First impressions count! A stunning and easy to use online ticketing platform delivers a great
1st impression for prospective attendees, and ensures that attendees spread word of your event virally.

4. Sell more tickets & create word of mouth marketing momentum:

Offering an online ticketing channel will help you sell more tickets than not having this channel
available. A bold statement certainly, so why is this so?
– Your customers are online (Nigerians have for many years now been spending more time on the
internet than watching TV). They buy everything online, and you need to enable this for your event too,
thereby allowing your prospective attendees to buy tickets to your event 24/7 from the comfort of their
– Given the dominance of online media today your customers are most likely learning about your event
online (via recommendations from friends on social media, your promo emails, your social media feeds,
online videos, your website, article mentions about your event etc) – enabling people to buy their
tickets at the very moment they are most excited to hear about your event will convert to an instant
ticket sale…far better than asking someone to buy tickets in person at a later point.
– And….if I have my ticket I am now definitely going so I’m likely to tell my friends I am going. If I don’t
have my ticket yet, I won’t be as good an advocate for your event (as I really haven’t yet committed).
Enabling people to buy early and easily will kick start the free and very powerful word of mouth
marketing effect.

5. Gather marketing insights:
We have all tried it, but attempting to capture marketing insights (what age are you? how did you hear
about the event?) at face to face point of sale locations is really hard (you and the customer just want to
get their tickets and get going). Whereas online buyers have a bit more time to answer an extra question
or 2 to deliver you those valuable insights you have always wanted to ask buyers as they make their
Gain database for future events: Similarly, asking for people’s email addresses at face to face sales
locations just doesn’t work. And knowing who came last year, so you can promote to these people next
year, is critical for the future commercial success of your event. It is significantly easier and less
expensive to sell to a previous customer than finding a brand new customer and then convincing them
to come along.

6. Better weatherproof your event:
Pre-purchased ticket holders are committed and will be much less flakey about inclement weather
conditions on the day. People with no financial commitment to your event will be more likely to stay at
home and light the fire if the weather for your event turns bad. Importantly, having a large amount of
pre-purchased ticket holders will also ensure they influence their friends (who will buy at the venue) to
come along anyway despite the weather.

7. Access funds earlier:
If you have sold tickets prior to your event then (with the appropriate guarantees and insurance) you
may be able to access some ticket revenue funds prior to your event running. These funds may be
critical to enable you to book more event advertising or that extra headline act which in turn helps you
sell more tickets to your event.

8. Achieve faster access at the venue:
Scanning a pre-sold ticket on the door takes less than 5 secs per person. Completing a venue sale takes
several minutes (and requires a box office/cash register solution at the door).
Plus, slow entry procedures will require you hire more staff on the day to process sales quicker, and of
course slow entry to your event won’t be delivering a great first impression of your event to the

So for a raft of reasons (and lots more besides just the above) offering an online ticketing channel is
absolutely critical to the success of your event. If you would like to discuss how an online ticketing
channel could assist your event, please don’t hesitate to contact the Client Services team at Turnupng.

In the meantime we’d love to hear from you. What reasons have we missed from the above list? Or feel
free to counter our viewpoint by offering up reasons why you think traditional channels are better than
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